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  • Introducing Col. "L.A." Brooks

    In late June, the leadership of the Massachusetts Air National Guard announced the selection of the new 104th Fighter Wing Commander, Col Robert "LA" Brooks, the current Operations Group Commander from the 159th Fighter Wing, located near New Orleans Louisiana. Before his arrival and assumption of command on August 23, I had an opportunity to have
  • Meet Senior Airman John Bosley

    Whether on the battlefield or after a monstrous nor'easter, when you lose the amenity of power, it is quickly noticed. I remember being a kid and sitting for hours on my living room floor with my brothers playing card games by candle light waiting for the power to comeback on. After powerful storms came whistling by, I vividly remembered eating ice
  • Recruiting in the city

    As the 104th grows to support its new mission, the recruiting office has adapted a new strategy, which is to move to where the recruits are. The wing recruiters opened a new storefront office at 51 Park Ave. in West Springfield, in addition to the joint storefront office in the Solomon Pond Mall in Marlboro. Later this year, the wing anticipates
  • Honor is a tradition

    For one member of the 104th FighterWing, being part of the Base Honor Guard in not just an additional duty, it's a legacy. Staff Sgt. Christine Willette of Springfield, a member of 104th Medical Group at Barnes Air National Guard Base, was recently selected as the Massachusetts Honor Guard Member of the Year. Willette was selected over Air and Army