Yellow Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon Program

Coordinator: Melanie J. Casineau


Contact Information:

Office Phone: (413) 568‐9151 ext. 698-2044

Cell: (413) 224‐4760



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Information

Q. Why am I required to attend Yellow Ribbon events?

‐ Service members ordered to active duty or full‐time operational support (T10 orders), other than for training, in the Continental United States (CONUS) or outside CONUS, for 90 or more consecutive days are required to attend. (CNGBI 1801. 01).

Q. What if I am in theater for less than 90 days?

‐ The 90 days are based off the length of your T10 orders, not your time in theater.

Q. How many events do I need to attend?

‐ Per deployment, service members will need to attend 2events every 2 years.

‐ Pre Deployment event (NLT 45 days prior to deployment)

‐ Post 1 Deployment event (45 days after your orders end)



Q. How do I register for a yellow ribbon event?

‐ Service members will register through the Joint Services Support website:

A step by step registration guide will be provided per each event.

Q. Who needs to be registered for an event?

‐ Yourself, as well as family members or guests that you consider part of your support system. Although guest attendance is not mandatory, it is very highly encouraged.



What status will I be in for a Yellow Ribbon event ‐ Service members will be on ST orders only.

Q. Why can I not attend on UTA status?

‐ This is a purpose violation per ANGRC/FM. If a YRRP event is planned on a UTA weekend, YR coded Title 10 ST days will be utilized for required attendees.   

Q. When would I need to create an authorization in DTS?

‐ If you are outside of the commuting distance, per Wing guidelines (50 miles or more from the event location each way) and have requested lodging, then you will need to create an authorization in DTS, since you will be on ST orders for more than 1 day (i.e.– travel day before the event).

Q. Do I create this authorization?

‐ Yes. If you need assistance, please contact your Command Support Staff (CSS) or your orders clerk.

Q. What if I am not outside the commuting distance?

‐ Technicians and DSGs will complete the mileage portion in AROWS

Q. What is the Line of Accounting (LOA) for ST Orders?

‐ Check with your CSS or orders clerk on the appropriate LOA for your orders. Code: WUC CH

Q. Who creates my orders?

‐ Your orders clerk or the CSS.

Q. Is my family or guests on Invitational Travel Order (ITO)?

- An ITO would be required only if the Family Member or guest is outside of the commute area.

‐ Service Members, Designated Individuals or Family Members that reside within the commute area are not authorized travel/mileage.



Q. Is everyone approved for lodging?

‐ No. Only those whose home of record is 50 miles or greater from the event location (zip to zip).

Q. If I am approved for lodging, what do I have to do?

‐ You must email the Yellow Ribbon Support Specialist (YRSS) and your orders clerk with your name and address and state that you are requesting lodging. Further instructions will be provided.


Q. Why do I need to email the YRSS my lodging request?

‐ Lodging may be contracted, which means you MAY NOT need to use your GTC. However the hotel and our contracting office need exact numbers of those requesting a room prior to the event.


The Event

Q. What is the dress code?

‐ Business casual for service members and modest attire/clothing for guests and/or family members.

Q. Is breakfast and lunch provided?

‐ Yes

Q. When will I receive an agenda?

‐ Agenda is finalized the week of the event and will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered.

Q. How will I receive information about the event?

‐ Information about the event will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered. Your UDM will also receive the information beforehand.

Q. What if I cannot attend an event that my unit is hosting?

‐ Notify your Commander, Chief, or 1st Sgt and then contact your YRSS.

Q. Is childcare provided?

‐ Yes.

~ Please refer further questions to Yellow Ribbon Coordinator Melanie J. Casineau at the above contact information.