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  • 104FW Public Health Technician keeps Wing Healthy through COVID-19 Contact Tracing Program

    As the nation enters into its second year of battling the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains critical that Barnestomers stay healthy and mission-ready. One of the many ways the 104th Fighter Wing has been keeping on top of COVID-19 is through contact tracing run by the public health team from the 104th Medical Group. To mitigate the spread of the virus on-base, one 104FW public health technician is on-call to help with the COVID-19 response efforts. Senior Airman Weronika Baczek, a public health technician with the 104th Medical Group, is in charge of running the contact tracing program on base. Making sure everyone stays safe and calls are answered, she has been working full-time to help streamline the initiative.
  • Barnestormer helps combat against COVID-19

    COVID-19 vaccine distribution has begun at the 104th Fighter Wing after nearly one year of combating the global pandemic. The 104th Medical Group has been working hard throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to help keep barnstormers healthy and safe. Airman 1st class Hannah Jones-Trudeau, public health technician with the 104th Medical Group, has been working hard to ensure that the 104th FW members receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Electrical Power Production Specialist Keeps Pilots Safe

    These mission-critical specialists ensure our F-15 Eagle’s arresting systems are operating properly. Arresting systems are cables that span the width of the runway to safely catch aircraft in the event of an engine malfunction or rejected takeoff. With Barnes having an alert-fighter mission, these systems need to be thoroughly capable for both the F-15s and any other tailhook equipped aircraft that may need to land.
  • Get to Know a Vehicle Management Specialist

    “In vehicle management, there are several roles which have very different responsibilities,” said Gauvin. “At the floor level, we have mechanics and technicians who are responsible for performing maintenance on any of the 135 vehicles we have in the fleet. These vehicles range from smaller gas powered pick-up trucks, to heavy duty diesel pick-up trucks and multi-stop trucks, along with bobtails and aircraft refuelers.”
  • Life as a Hydraulic System’s Specialist

    McGaughey works tirelessly alongside other Airmen to keep up with the maintenance and repair required to maintain the 104th’s fleet. The hydraulic systems on an aircraft are crucial as they affect landing gear, brakes, flight controls, and weapons.
  • Base fitness room opens with new guidelines to promote safety

    The Barnes Air National Guard base fitness room reopened July 20, 2020, with new guidelines and precautions in place to ensure a safe and healthy environment after being closed to limit exposure of COVID-19.The fitness room is now open for use by members assigned to the 104th Fighter Wing at designated times with social distancing precautions and
  • 104th Fighter Wing Maintainers compete in 2020 National Guard Innovation Competition

    Master Sgt. Bob Oleksak, 104th Maintenance Group fabrication Element supervisor, and Master Sgt. Leo Burbee, 104th MXG structural maintenance supervisor, competed in the first National Guard Innovation Competition finals, June 12, 2020, at Barnes Air National Guard Base, Massachusetts.
  • 104th Fighter Wing Public Health, innovating and educating

    Hundreds of Barnestormers are working in support of the COVID-19 pandemic and rely on the knowledge and expertise of the Barnes Air National Guard Base Public Health officer to guide them in keeping safe while on base and in the community. The 104th Fighter Wing Medical Group PH team is being led by Maj. Barbara Jones, the PH emergency officer, in
  • Moving Forward in Faith, 104th FW Chaplain serves in support of the COVID-19 response

    Chaplains are approachable and give you their time in everyday situations and continue to provide during difficult times. Air Force Chaplain (Lt.) Tra'Vorus Weaver serves as a chaplain for the 104th Fighter Wing and provides counsel to Airmen of all ranks. "Courage is moving forward in the midst of fear," said Weaver. "Chaplains are not exempt
  • Local student, Intelligence professional excels in the Air National Guard

    Senior Airman Julianne Sharon, an intelligence analyst with the 104th Operations Group.  Sharon enlisted with the 104OG in December 2016 during her junior year at Westfield State University. “I always had the thought of joining the service, but I did not think I was capable of it,” said Sharon.  “I live locally and have always heard the planes, and