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  • From Warthog to Eagle

    Air Force personnel are trained to operate in uncertain environments and to adapt to changing circumstances. Shifting from the air to ground mission of the A-10 Warthog to the air to air mission of the F-15 Eagle presented the Barnestormers of the 104th Fighter Wing in Massachusetts with challenges associated with a major transition.The 2007
  • Drones Lose Again

    A critical component of the Weapon System Evaluation Exercise (WSEP) and Exercise COMBAT ARCHER, the two week training exercise designed to test and train F-15 and F-22 pilots to employ live air to air missiles against maneuverable aerial targets, is the BGM167A Drone. The orange radio controlled drone serves as an evasive target for the fighter
  • Doc Takes Flight in F-4 Phantom

    Major Joseph Keenan, a flight surgeon with the medical group at Barnes, had the opportunity to fly an F-4 Phantom during an hour long incentive ride at the WSEP deployment at Tyndall AFB.For the accomplished Keenan, the ride is another landmark in his remarkable Guard journey. Dr Keenan joined the 104th later in life and has tackled each obstacle
  • Weapons Shop: Live at WSEP

    For many members of the 104th, the Weapons System Evaluation Program (WSEP) deployment at Tyndall AFB in Florida will allow Airmen an opportunity work with live weapons and ammunition for the first time in a real world combat type environment. Tech. Sgt. Pat Sullivan, a Westfield native, is the weapons expeditor for the Weapons shop at Barnes and
  • Ready, Set...Stop

    Sorties over Eastern Afghanistan?... Check. Convoys through Iraq? ........Got it. A federal government shutdown? ...that might be a problem....Members of the 104th Fighter Wing have earned a reputation for facing challenges head on but the looming government shutdown on 8 April nearly grounded the Barnestormers during their Weapons System
  • Airman in Focus: Senior Airman Nathaniel Poudrier

    Senior Airman Nate Poudrier is in his element as he expertly handles his duties in the structural maintenance shop during a drill weekend. He trades good natured quips with his colleagues in this tight knit unit amid the constant noise generated by the tasks associated with the shop.He is a full time AGR in the Aircraft Structural Maintenance Shop.
  • State partnership program hosts Paraguayan leaders

    The State Partnership program is an important program for the National Guard, in that it partners States with developing countries, encouraging dialog and collaboration. Massachusetts sister country is Paraguay. Over the past 5 years delegations from Massachusetts and Paraguay have visited each other, providing support in the realms of education,
  • April 19, 1775

    One of my favorite family traditions each year is to attend the Lexington Reenactment on Patriots Day - this year on Monday, April 18th. The event for me reflects on the rich history of the National Guard, when on April 19, 1775, Patriots who lived in Lexington, Massachusetts, bravely defended their community against British attack. During the
  • Airman in Focus: Master Sgt. Sandra Woodin

    Master Sgt. Sandra Woodin joined the Massachusetts Air National Guard in 2001. She originally enlisted as an active-duty member, following in her brother's footsteps. Prior to her career in the ANG, she served on active duty for four years as an avionics technician at Travis Air Force Base in California and Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota."Being a
  • Retired Chief still serving

    With his military career beginning in 1973, the last thing Chief Master Sgt. Laurence Heller ever did was to imagine his life 38 years in the future, when he would put his military uniform on for the last time; but as he humbly said to me during a one on one interview in January, all good things come to end, but what a ride it has been".It was