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  • Air National Guard Salutes Husband and Wife

    At a recent State Family Readiness Conference in Southbridge, MA ., which brought together representatives from Massachusetts and the surrounding states, Helen (Lyn) Richards and her husband John Richards were awarded the Air National Guard's "Outstanding Air Readiness and Support Award for the year 2009" for the state of Massachusetts. Lyn was
  • Airman in Focus - Technical Sgt. Sandra Pulliam

    TSgt Sandra Pulliam has been described as indispensable. A command post controller, she is tasked with supporting the Air Sovereignty Alert mission here at the 104th. She is instilled with a mission centered attitude and it is reflected in her approach to every task assigned.Among her many duties, several are classified, she is charged with
  • ORE Explained - Part 2, Sharpshooter 2010

    Benjamin Franklin once said, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." The wisdom of the American statesman was not lost on the members of the 104th as they prepared for and executed the Operational Readiness Exercise (Sharpshooter 10-02) on the Apr/May UTA.The purpose of the exercise was to generate and deploy an F-15C Aviation Package
  • National Recognition

    During the months of February through April, many of the 104th Fighter Wing's members were recognized as being among the best in their respective fields. Annually the National Guard competes members from different wings and globally separated units within specified career fields to determine who is the best within the fighting force.During the
  • Cross Country Flight Welcomes Dr. Keenan

    Maj. Joe Keenan's remarkable career has spanned many decades, and recently several states. He accompanied Lt. Col. Ken Fedora in an F-15 during a recent cross country flight. The flight was required to deliver the F-15 to the Oregon ANG.After departing Westfield, they made stops in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Mountain View AFB in Idaho before arriving
  • History of the F-100 Memorial ~ Part IX

    1st Lt. Joseph F. Crehore was Westfield's only casualty during the year in France. He died when his F-86 jet dove into a wooded area while flying on a low level navigation mission near Chalons, a province of Champagne, France on March 21st, 1962. He was with the 131 Tactical Fighter Squadron, Phalsbourg AB, France.
  • Barnes Officially Assumes Air Sovereignty Alert Mission

    On a brilliant spring afternoon, the 104th Fighter Wing officially took over duties associated with the Air Sovereignty Alert mission in a ribbon cutting ceremony held at Barnes ANGB. This historic event that took place on April 10, 2010 marks the opening of the Air Sovereignty Alert facility, renovated fire station and up- graded storage facility.
  • Alert Forces Evaluation

    April 6th began with a no-notice inspection as the Alert Forces Evaluation team arrived on base to evaluate the ability of the unit to perform the Air Sovereignty Alert mission. The alert mission is very unpredictable and spontaneous, and the inspections are done in the same vein. With no notice, a team of inspectors can arrive and evaluate the
  • Air Show Announced

    August 21-22, the skies of Westfield will come alive with the sounds of freedom. Barnes Air National Guard base will host the US Air Force Thunderbirds, US Army Golden Knights, Geico Skytypers, Greg Poe, John Klatt, a Jet-powered school bus, Dan Buchanan, the Red Eagles, Rob Holland, pyrotechnic displays, and many historic and military aircraft
  • Operation Purple Camp 2010

    The National Military Family Association announced that Camp Marshall was chosen to host their popular Operation Purple summer camp is 4-9 July, 2010. The Association developed this free summer camp program in response to the need for increased support for military children, especially those whose parents are or will be deployed."Our mission is to