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  • Airman in Focus: Senior Airman Ian McAlister

    Senior Airman Ian McAlister of the Maintenance Group (MXS) has made his mark since joining the unit in 2005, and personifies the selfless spirit of the next generation of unit members. At 6 ft 5, the Tolland, MA native is hard to miss. McAlister was named the Airman of the Year of the 104th Maintenance Group and has been nominated for Airman of the
  • Hometown heroes recognized

    More than 200 service members were recognized as hometown heroes during a ceremony on Dec. 4 at the Army Aviation Support Facility. Those honored served active-duty for a minimum of 30 days between Sept. 11 , 2001 and Dec. 31, 2008."The Air National Guard created a program to recognize unit members, their families, and their employers, for the
  • Airman in Focus - Staff Sgt. Robert Eisnor

    Recently returned from a 5-mile road march, Staff Sgt. Robert Eisnor drops his 50 pound pack and begins to attend to the assorted paperwork on his desk in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit here at Barnes. He dutifully sorts through the forms and folders that pertain to his upcoming deployment to Southwest Asia. The Worcester native has
  • Airmen in Focus - Senior Airman Tanya Kawolis

    It takes a team to make a large scale deployment happen, just ask Senior Airman Tanya Kawolis, from Hyannis, MA, who is on her first operational deployment to Nellis Air Force Base Nevada with the 104th Fighter Wing.Kawolis came to the 104th after spending the first year of her enlistment at the 102nd Fighter Wing in Otis, MA before it converted to
  • Incentive Program at Nellis

    When you work all day long in the hot Nevada sun preparing F-15s for flight, or you struggled for weeks before a deployment, readying cargo and coordinating airlift for a mission, an opportunity to be part of the execution of the mission, from the backseat is an invaluable tool for motivating and educating the Airmen who work so hard for missions
  • Environmental Award

    There are many things the Barnes is known for: operational excellence, it's alert mission, and its environmental protection program. The 104th Fighter Wing's environmental office, led by Mr. John Richardson was award for the second time this year for its dedication to protecting the environment. Earlier this year, Richardson and the assistant base
  • Air National Guard Salutes Husband and Wife

    At a recent State Family Readiness Conference in Southbridge, MA ., which brought together representatives from Massachusetts and the surrounding states, Helen (Lyn) Richards and her husband John Richards were awarded the Air National Guard's "Outstanding Air Readiness and Support Award for the year 2009" for the state of Massachusetts. Lyn was
  • Airman in Focus - Technical Sgt. Sandra Pulliam

    TSgt Sandra Pulliam has been described as indispensable. A command post controller, she is tasked with supporting the Air Sovereignty Alert mission here at the 104th. She is instilled with a mission centered attitude and it is reflected in her approach to every task assigned.Among her many duties, several are classified, she is charged with
  • ORE Explained - Part 2, Sharpshooter 2010

    Benjamin Franklin once said, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." The wisdom of the American statesman was not lost on the members of the 104th as they prepared for and executed the Operational Readiness Exercise (Sharpshooter 10-02) on the Apr/May UTA.The purpose of the exercise was to generate and deploy an F-15C Aviation Package
  • National Recognition

    During the months of February through April, many of the 104th Fighter Wing's members were recognized as being among the best in their respective fields. Annually the National Guard competes members from different wings and globally separated units within specified career fields to determine who is the best within the fighting force.During the