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  • 104th Security Forces Assist Displaced Residents

    As the City of Springfield absorbed another severe weather event, many residents who lost power during the October 30th storm found their way to Central High School to seek respite from the frigid temperatures. For seniors, the infirm and the very young, the hazards associated with the austere storm related conditions present an acute set of
  • 104th unit members respond during Operation Harvest Snow

    Personnel from the 104th Fighter Wing responded to emergency conditions throughout Western Massachusetts in yet another instance of severe weather. Massachusetts National Guard state-support operations were initiated hours after the October 30 snow storm immobilized large areas of the region. Although many Guardsmen were without power themselves,
  • Barnes responds to Irene

    As the forecast of Hurricane Irene became clear and Massachusetts would certainly be in her path, the Massachusetts National Guard began mobilizing and preparing to support the commonwealth as it braced for localized disasters. 113 men and women from the 104th Fighter Wing joined nearly 1,300 Mass. National Guard members called to duty from
  • Ten years after, Barnes protects Northeast

    Where were you when the world stopped turning, that September day? Ten years later, the lyrics from this Alan Jackson song still paint a vivid picture of a clear, calm September morning abruptly changed by the horrific images of two New York towers engulfed in smoke, a corner of the Pentagon destroyed and a Pennsylvania filed filled with smoldering
  • UCI results top the charts

    The 104th Fighter Wing completed two high-level higher headquarters inspections with 'OUTSTANDING' results. The wing demonstrated better than 97% in-compliance ratings on both inspections: 98.16% for the Air Combat Command Unit Compliance Inspection and 97.48% and a grade of "OUTSTANDING" for the Logistic Compliance Assessment Program
  • 104th Marksmanship Team on Target

    "Check your sights, check your magazines and don't drop anything," advised Tech Sgt. Chris Cekovsky, a combat arms instructor and member of the 104th Security Forces Squadron. The 2011 State Marksmanship Competition was held from 12-14 August 2011 at Fort Devens, Mass. Units from across the Massachusetts National Guard participated in the
  • Alaska 2011: The 104th Fighter Wing deploys to Elmendorf AFB

    Over one hundred and thirty Barnstormers and eight F-15C/D Eagles from the Massachusetts Air National Guard traded the heat and humidity of New England for the cool weather and long daylight hours of the Alaskan summer during a training operation at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) Alaska from July 29 to August 14, 2011.The 104th Fighter Wing
  • No one forgets their first time

    Ask any Airman why they decided to enlist in the military and you might hear a wide variety of reasons: to serve their country, earn money for college, or for a chance to see the world. Those of us that decided to serve through the Air National Guard only get to capitalize on that last reason when on Temporary Duty Assignments (TDYs). Sometimes the
  • Barnes air dominance

    I am going to take a moment of your time to pass along some basic ideas regarding the Air Dominance mission here at Barnes. I often think back to when I was a maintainer on the A-10. I recall watching the aircraft pattern-traffic and thinking it was pretty cool and often wondered what the aircraft were doing while off-station. I hope to give you a
  • Airman in Focus: Staff Sgt. Neisha Nixon

    Staff Sgt. Neisha Nixon was selected as the Fighter Wing technician of the year. She has worked in the finance office here since her enlistment six years ago. After three other positions, she now works here full time as an accounting travel technician.Computing travel expenses is currently her primary focus, but as the UCI approaches she will work