Guard member represents Mass. ANG on Jeopardy

  • Published
  • By Maj. Matthew Mutti
  • 104th Fighter Wing
The category is famous people in the Mass. Air National Guard.

The $2,000 answer is "A member of the Mass. Air National Guard who will be seen on Jeopardy June 5th "....

'beep-beep', "Who is Master Sgt. Fran Frederick?

That's right, Master Sgt. Fran Frederick, from the 104th Fighter Wing competed in February on the NBC game show Jeopardy, and her program debut will air June 5th.

After completing the initial on-line qualification test, along with 100,000 competitors, Fredrick was selected among 3,000 candidates to compete for a game-show spot at an in-person 2nd round 'interview-game' in Boston.

The second round was then narrowed down to 300 contestants, whom will compete this year on the program.

A traditional Guardsman in the wing's Equal Opportunity Office, Frederick works full-time as a Adjustment Councilor in Springfield Mass. In February, when the episode was filmed, she flew out to California to the NBC studio, and brought along 5 guests for support. In the audience, Frederick's Mom and Dad can be heard cheering her on.

"I have always wanted to compete in Jeopardy," said Frederick. "I first tried-out 13 years ago, and did not make the cut, but as I tell all my students, if you want something, be persistent and keep trying."

When asked if there were any parts of your military career that have helped you in achieving this goal, Frederick said the educational benefits from the Guard allowed her to achieve her second master's degrees, specifically without accumulating any student load debt.

Donning her Air Force Service Dress uniform, Frederick was introduced as a member of the Air National Guard. As Alex Trebek, the show host, introduced each contestant, Frederick shared a humorous anecdote about her first deployment overseas as a member of the Guard, one that involved a port- able bathroom and a crane operator.

When pressed for details about the show , Frederick declined commenting on the any specifics, but she did share a little insight. "I can't talk about the outcome of the show, or if I won, but I can share that it was an exciting game where the audience will have to watch to the end to see who wins," said Frederick. "I did have an opportunity to answer a 'daily-double', but I did not make it a true daily double."

This program will air just a few days after Frederick's birthday, and she anticipates celebrating the airing as well as her birthday with some of her closest friends.

When ask what she will do with any winnings she shared, "I plan to use some of it to travel, some to pay for some home improvements, and I will be making a donation to the West Springfield Library a thank you for supporting me as a prepared for this opportunity to compete."