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  • Barnestormer helps combat against COVID-19

    COVID-19 vaccine distribution has begun at the 104th Fighter Wing after nearly one year of combating the global pandemic. The 104th Medical Group has been working hard throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to help keep barnstormers healthy and safe.Airman 1st class Hannah Jones-Trudeau, public health

  • Electrical Power Production Specialist Keeps Pilots Safe

    These mission-critical specialists ensure our F-15 Eagle’s arresting systems are operating properly. Arresting systems are cables that span the width of the runway to safely catch aircraft in the event of an engine malfunction or rejected takeoff. With Barnes having an alert-fighter mission, these

  • Barnestormer Airmen Deliver Munitions for the Mission

    Air Power starts with the weapons loaders as they bring the boom to the Weapons Systems Evaluation Program (WSEP), at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. A crew of three Airmen from the 104th Fighter Wing step to the aircraft preparing to load munitions for the mission at WSEP. “You load the aircraft