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  • McKinley visits Barnes

    The 104th Fighter Wing of Barnes Air National Guard Base was honored by a visit from Lt. Gen. Craig McKinley, director of the Air National Guard, on April 5. This was the first time that an Air National Guard Director had visited Barnes in more than a decade. The director's visit focused on the bases operational transition into an air defense
  • Staff Sgt. Kearns, Airman of the Year 2007

    Amid all the Airmen in the Massachusetts Air National Guard, one stands out as the best. Newly promoted Staff Sgt. Michael Kearns was selected as the Airman of the Year for 2007. Kearns, a 25-year-old native of West Springfield, joined the Air National Guard four years ago. Since joining, he has established himself as a razor-sharp troop, who has
  • New faces in Operations Group

    The 104th Operations Group will be going through some changes, command changes that is. Lt. Col. Kenneth Lambrich will take command of the Operations Group from Col. Jon Mott during a ceremony on February 9th at 3:30 p.m. in the main hangar here. This change is particularly meaningful in that Lt. Col. Lambrich will be the first pilot hired from the
  • F-15s return to flight

    The 104th Fighter Wing located at Barnes Air National has successfully completed tests on its new BAK-12/14 aircraft arresting system. The arresting system is one of the many safety systems in-place for the wing to begin flying their new F-15 aircraft. The BAK-12/14 is a cabling system that will aid in stopping the aircraft in the event of an