Our Massachusetts Air National Guard recruiters provide an honest and straight-forward approach to joining, where you will be treated like a person, not a number. While the military isn’t for everyone, it just might be a great fit for you! 

We want to work with you!

Serve Your Way at the 104th Fighter Wing

Part-Time Careers

Protect America's skies and serve your country while working part-time for the Massachusetts Air National Guard.

While serving in the Air National Guard, you’ll work minimum one-weekend a month and two-weeks a year. The Massachusetts Air National Guard offers paid training in an extensive assortment of careers including healthcare, communications, avionics, electronics, aircraft maintenance and many more. Each career field has a corresponding Associate’s Degree from the Community College of the Air Force with all military training earning you college credits. 

Benefits to joining include:

  • 100% of tuition and fees are waived to all 29-Massachusetts state colleges and universities for up to 130-credits. This benefit can be used up to PHD level and only excludes medical school. 

  • Earn tax-free monthly income while attending college, via the Montgomery GI Bill.

  • Your Air Force training is college accredited, helping you build your resume and demonstrate highly valued experience.

  • Serve your country, community, and hometown simultaneously.

  • Access to competitively priced medical, dental, and life insurance.

  • Become eligible for a low interest, zero money down home loan through the Veteran Affairs. 

  • Some careers even qualify for a cash bonus and extra GI Bill benefits.

State Career Opportunities

To learn more about jobs available within a specific state, visit our ANG State Unit Listing to find Career web sites listed for each state!

Full-Time Active Duty Military Careers

Do you want to do more with your military career? Visit the ANG Career Opportunities Page to find full-time, military employment opportunities. Why wait? Enhance your future today!