104th Fighter Wing Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Airmen Conducting Training Exercise

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Media Advisory
Release No. 16-17
Senior Master Sgt. Julie Avey, Public Affairs Specialist
Lt. Col. Brenda Hendricksen, Public Affairs Officer
413-568-9151 ext. 698-1299 or ext. 698-1800
Cell: (619) 665-4252

104th Fighter Wing Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Airmen Conducting Training Exercise

The 104th Fighter Wing at Barnes Air National Guard Base, Westfield Mass., is executing a training exercise August 23, 2016 - August 26, 2016

During this exercise, the EOD technicians will be in the field training on critical homeland defense and war-time tasking skills. The training exercise will occur during the day and there will be intermittent loud bursts. The surrounding area around Barnes may feel the ground shake. 

The exercise is being conducted to assure our Airmen are prepared for real world homeland defense and war time takings. The exercise is conducted to facilitate training for our EOD technicians to ensure Massachusetts Air National Guard and the U.S. Air Force are prepared to defend our nation against terrorist threat and overseas conflicts.

These exercises are carefully planned, closely controlled and include training to help respond to homeland defense and war time tasking. The 104th Fighter Wing is charged with ensuring our personnel are trained, equipped, and ready to go to war as well as support domestic operations.

With our 24/7 alert posture, our Airmen could respond to support emergency responders throughout our state and be called upon to serve overseas.


Tasked to provide operationally ready combat units, combat support units and qualified personnel for active duty, the 104th Fighter Wing supports Air Force wartime contingency requirements and performs a variety of peacetime missions required by the Air Force and compatible mobilization readiness.