The enlisted voice

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  • By Staff Sgt. Matthew Benedetti, 104th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Photojournalist
  • 104th Fighter Wing
Several members of the 104th Fighter Wing attended the Command Chief Induction Ceremony held on May 4, 2014 at the dining facility located at Barnes Air National Guard Base in Westfield, Massachusetts.

This event celebrated the ascension of former Senior Master Sergeants Andres Huxtable and Paul Turgeon to the rank of Chief Master Sergeant, the pinnacle of the Air Force enlisted personnel ranks.

The newly minted chiefs are longtime Wing members and established leaders at Barnes.

The rank of chief master sergeant was established by Congress in 1958 and comprises one percent of the entire Air Force. The ceremony recognized the two Barnesstormers for their hard work, dedication, loyalty and sacrifice as they achieved this career milestone.
Both chiefs emphasized the importance of steadfast family support and solid mentoring by their supervisors for their career success.

Chief Master Sgt. Huxtable, the 104th FW Force Support Squadron Superintendent, reflected on his career thus far and felt fortunate to be mentored by outstanding front line leadership. "I was fortunate to be molded by individuals who were true leaders, visionaries and consummate professionals. Chiefs Campbell, Schwiesow and Hester were all instrumental in helping me develop and grow as a leader. All possessed different leadership styles but shared a commitment to excellence and desire to succeed that still resonates with me today," he said.

Huxtable also thanked his wife Cheryl as well as daughters Alexis and Juliana. "I want to thank you for how much your support, encouragement and dedication has meant to me," he said.

Chief Master Sgt. Turgeon echoed Huxtable's sentiments regarding the value of mentorship and family.

"I am grateful for leaders who saw potential in me that I was unable to recognize for myself. These leaders demonstrated their commitment to the mission and paced me to set the same standards," said Turgeon, Cyber Operations Branch Chief for the 104th FW Communications Flight. "These mentors, through determination and perseverance, allowed me to reach my potential. I could never adequately communicate the level of gratitude I have for each of them," said Turgeon.

Turgeon also credited his faith in Jesus Christ as well as the support of his mom, Patricia, wife, Brenda and children -Jeremy, Tanya, Teresa, Rebecca and Harmony for his promotion.

"Our family learned to adapt to the interruptions and sacrifices as the mission required. They learned that things do not come easy and that good things in life require determination, commitment and sacrifice," said Turgeon.

"I feel honored and privileged that the greatest Air Force in the world has allowed me to hold the grade of Chief Master Sergeant," said Turgeon.