Organizational Safety Assessment (OSA)

  • Published
  • By Col. Robert T. Brooks Jr., Commander
  • 104th FW
Greetings! I hope your summer has been a safe one so far. This wing training assembly we will be participating in a process called an Organizational Safety Assessment (OSA). This assessment, which was personally requested by the 104th FW, is conducted by the Air Force Safety Center and provides us with a very detailed look at the safety culture of our organization.

During the past few months, many of you were asked to complete an Occupational Stress Inventory survey and an AFCAST online survey. These surveys provided us with a detailed look at not only the different stressors in the organization, but also at how we are coping with them. I thank you for taking the time to complete and return the surveys in a timely manner.

Throughout the September UTA many of you will be asked to sit down with a member of the OSA team and talk with them about our organization. I would ask you to be very honest with them during the interview.

Some of our key people will do the interview one on one, while most of you will do them in groups. The interviews are done anonymously, so fell free to tell us what you think. This is not an inspection! The only information collected from you is your organization and rank so that we can sort the data and identify where there are areas that need our attention.

The OSA is a valuable tool for me in getting a good assessment of the health of our organization. While I think we have a great organization, we certainly have areas that we can improve upon.

This tool will help us determine where to focus our efforts and help us to improve as a team

This is your chance to speak out. Please participate with good constructive comments. The wing will be a better organization with the help of your feedback!

Finally, let me say that I have been very impressed with the wing. You have a great work ethic and seem to genuinely take care of each other while focusing on accomplishing the mission. Keep up the good work and thank you in advance for your help!