UCI results top the charts

  • Published
  • By Maj. Matthew Mutti, Wing Executive Officer
  • 104th Fighter Wing
The 104th Fighter Wing completed two high-level higher headquarters inspections with 'OUTSTANDING' results. The wing demonstrated better than 97% in-compliance ratings on both inspections: 98.16% for the Air Combat Command Unit Compliance Inspection and 97.48% and a grade of "OUTSTANDING" for the Logistic Compliance Assessment Program Inspection.

"The professionalism demonstrated by the Barnes Team was outstanding," said Col. Peter Schneider, LCAP Team Chief. "This inspection marks the best inspection seen to date for a fighter unit since October 2009."

The citizen Airmen of the 104th Fighter Wing hosted more than 100 inspectors during these two separate inspections, the Air National Guard LCAP and the ACC UCI. These inspections are completed throughout the Combat Air Force by objective assessment teams to inspect the capabilities of the Air Force, Guard and Reserve units. The teams are charged to objectively evaluate, educate, and motivate the force through review of all the operational processes required for the units to complete their assigned missions.

"We are so proud of the hard work our Airmen demonstrated during these inspections," said Col. Robert Brooks, 104th Fighter Wing Commander. "These results validate the professionalism of our team; we are prepared to support the nation and the stat through both providing Homeland Defense and completing our Expeditionary Combat missions."

A week prior to the UCI and LCAP inspections, the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup, demonstrating the power of team-work. Many sportscasters in the early part play-off considered the Bruins to be one of the most unlikely teams to win the series, and it was the team-work that was lauded as the most important aspect of their championship run.

As the wing prepared for the inspection, the wing leadership used the Bruins as an example for finishing strong. Lt. Col. Charles Wilson, from the exercise and evaluation office worked with Senior Master Sgt. James Burke from the 104th Logistic Readiness Squadron to create Barnes' own Stanley Cup, signifying that team-work and hard work paid-off, excelling during these arduous inspections. This 'cup' was presented to Col. Brooks, the team captain in the same fashion as the Stanley Cup is presented to the winning team's captain at the end of the NHL play-offs. The 'cup' was then passed amongst the wing members in attendance during the out-brief.

The inspection teams recognized 50 members and 6 teams as being superior performers; validating the hard work by all unit members.

The following members and teams were recognized during the Commanders Call following the inspection out brief.

HQ UCI Superior Performers:
Capt Corey J. Mackey FW
Capt Glenn G. Milliken, Jr. FW
SSgt Jennifer L. Tretheway FW

MSG UCI Superior Performers:
SMSgt William G. Butman III FSS
SMSgt Andres A. Huxtable FSS
SMSgt Paul R. Turgeon CF
MSgt James A. Brown II FSS
MSgt David A. Diem CF
MSgt Daphne A. Janes FSS
MSgt Christopher J. Jolicoeur LRS
MSgt Nathan L. Mutti LRS
MSgt Dawn E. Soldan LRS
TSgt Jeremiah W. McClosky CES
SrA Jacquelyn M. Comer FSS

MXG Superior Performers:
MSgt Christopher A. Auclair AMXS
MSgt Chester N. Bennett, Jr. MXS
MSgt John R. Chandler MOF
MSgt Abdias N. Garcia AMXS
MSgt Lisa H. Robbins MOF
MSgt Ryan T. Shea AMXS
TSgt Joseph E. Anteski MXS
TSgt Judith Flores MXG
TSgt Keith D. Mudgett MXS
TSgt Thomas E. Pavelchak AMXS
TSgt Aaron J. Richards AMXS
TSgt Michael R. Stula MXS
SSgt Kirk A. Crochiere AMXS
SSgt Clifford W. Daley MXS
SSgt Bento Fernandes MXS
SSgt Michael J. Kearns AMXS
SSgt Alex I. Stinebrickner AMXS
A1C Brian A. Whitman MXS

OG UCI Superior Performers:
Capt Neal R. Byrne III 131 FS
MSgt Darcie L. Rock OG
TSgt Valdemar A. Johnson OG

UCI Superior Performer Teams:
Command Post
Maintenance Data Systems Analysis
Public Affairs

LCAP Superior Performers
MSgt John Chandler MXXOOE
MSgt Jason McLear MXAA
TSgt Kristin Martin MXOOM
SSgt Paul Simms MXMFN

LCAP Superior Performer teams:
Fuels Management
Logistic Operations and Compliance
Munitions Control