Get to Know a Vehicle Management Specialist

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Camille Lienau
  • 104th Fighter Wing

“In vehicle management, there are several roles which have very different responsibilities,” said Gauvin. “At the floor level, we have mechanics and technicians who are responsible for performing maintenance on any of the 135 vehicles we have in the fleet. These vehicles range from smaller gas powered pick-up trucks, to heavy duty diesel pick-up trucks and multi-stop trucks, along with bobtails and aircraft refuelers.”

Mechanics have to be able to diagnose what is going wrong with a piece of equipment and perform effective repairs and corrections as needed. Gauvin has over two decades of experience in the field.

“I have been involved in maintaining equipment and vehicles in many different career fields from agricultural to heavy construction and everything in-between,” said Gauvin. “Being from the area originally and attending school really made coming to Barnes an easy and obvious choice.”

Outside of work on base, Gauvin finds time to work on carpentry projects and renovate his family's old farmhouse. Like many of the service members at Barnes, he is also heavily involved in the local Westfield community.

“Outside of the base I am involved in my son’s Boy Scout troop,” said Gauvin. “I am also a member of the local American Legion.”

Being part of the 104th allows for many opportunities to travel the world. Gauvin shared that his favorite experience so far has been his trip to Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany a couple years ago.

“I was the lead for a vehicle management contingent of eight personnel,” said Gauvin. “As a Master Sgt. I was not expected or even allowed to work on equipment or vehicles, so I spent time at each shop talking to my guys and their respective shop supervisors.”

Every shop supervisor he spoke with gave praise to the work of his fellow Barnestormers, which made him incredibly proud, he said.

Gauvin wants future Airmen interested in working as a vehicle mechanic to know that to be successful they should adopt a mindset of continuous learning, and take opportunities as they come.

“Technologies are always updating and changing, therefore it is crucial for us to stay current on them, said Gauvin. “As an Airmen if you have the liberty to get in more training or learn something new, from technical based to professional military education, take the chance!”