104th Fighter Wing Comptroller manages finance, boosts morale

  • Published
  • By Airman Camille Lienau
  • 104th Fighter Wing

“I am responsible for the financial resources that come into the unit,” says Kiepke. “I manage my office of 10 personnel to ensure they work effectively. Mostly, I oversee the budget to get resources out to theunit level so that our members can execute their missions and the training requirements they have.”

Kiepke serves as the principal adviser to the 104FW’s wing commander, Col. Peter T. Green on all financial matters.

“Also, I am responsible for the services section, said Kiepke. “They manage on a personal level for unit members. For example, processing military pay, processing travel pay, civilian pay. They are also responsiblefor accounting and paying bills.”

Master Sgt. Neisha Nixon has worked under Kiepke for 15 years and looks up to her as an example for good leadership.

“Working with Colonel Kiepke has been a great honor, she’s super intelligent, says Nixon. “For a short time she was gone, and I had to grow because I am so used to going to her as a resource of knowledge. I likeher values and morals, and I feel that together we will do great things.”