Traffic Management Supervisor, Barbara Clark gets the job done

  • Published
  • By Airman Camille Lienau
  • 104th Fighter Wing

The 104th Fighter Wing’s personnel depend on Tech. Sgt. Barbara Clark to get their materials, property and shipments to the proper location. As a Traffic Management Supervisor, Clark works to keep track of every shipment while overseeing the training of new airmen into the career field.


Traffic Management is a valuable career field in the Air Force as there are many responsibilities such as dealing with official travel orders, determining transportation entitlements and issuing transportation documents.  Clark is currently serving at the 104th Fighter Wing with eight years of experience under her belt. 


“In TMO, we have a couple different sections,” says Clark. “We have inbound cargo and receiving cargo that’s coming into the base, we also have outbound cargo that is for shipping stuff out. Additionally, we deal with passenger travel which is organizing travel for training or temporary duty.”


As a supervisor, Clark monitors the career development of Airmen, ensuring they complete their tasks and maintain a safe and rewarding environment. 


“I do it all as a supervisor,” said Clark. “I foresee what shipments are inbound, I put together continuities for drill weekends and I build training plans tasking Airmen to train each other as well. Recently, I have been making sure my airmen are comfortable with their tasks. So coming up with training is major.” 


“In my career, it’s mainly men that are seen as being able to do the heavy lifting. I am perfectly capable of doing those things, and I had to prove myself. I feel like I had to do extra to prove that a woman can do it too.”


Clark shared that her most valuable training experience in TMO came from her deployment to Niger, Africa. 


“I went to Niger, Africa and that was the best experience that I have ever had,” said Clark. “I am originally from Africa and so I was already excited to go. The trip was a lot of nonstop work, but I met some great people. It definitely made me more confident so that when I came back I was able to teach what I learned from working there.” 


Traffic Management is a career field that keeps the Air Force moving, personnel, equipment, packages, the office sees it all. If you are a hard worker with attention to detail and a passion for management then TMO could be for you.