Chief's Corner

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Al Reale, Command Chief Master Sgt.
  • 104FW
Do you know who has the most important job on base? You should. It's you! 

Because you are an American Airman, because you are a warrior, because you have answered your nations is incumbent upon you to do your best. 

No matter what rank or AFSC you possess, doing YOUR job effectively is critical to achieving and maintaining mission capability. It's that simple. The most important job is the one you have right now. The most important person to completing that job is you. You need to know what you do inside and out and where that "piece" fits into the units' mission. By doing your job well you enable others to focus on doing their jobs well. People count on you to do your job right. They trust and have confidence in YOU. 

No one comes in the gate thinking "how can I screw up today." No one intentionally wants to fail. Failure is usually an unintended consequence of not doing everything that should have been done. The Air Force has regulations and technical guidance for everything. It may not always be convenient or easy to follow that guidance, but it is there to help you succeed at your specialty and as an airman. It is there to ensure and enhance mission accomplishment, to help us manage risk and avoid failure. 

You do your job very well. We are an outstanding unit because of you, the outstanding individual. We have enjoyed a proud heritage of success as a unit because of the dedication and high standards of those before us. It's now your turn to be faithful and honor that legacy as we become operational in our new mission. Please continue to do your job to the best of your ability. Don't be afraid to make decisions and take appropriate risks. Be accountable for the results. Mistakes will be made, but they shouldn't be made twice or because guidance was violated. Learn along the way, teach along the 

We're all counting on you, because you have the most important job on base.