104th Fighter Wing at Barnes Air National Guard Base Recognizes Outstanding Members at 35th Annual Awards Ceremony

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  • By Capt Mary Harrington
  • 104 Fighter Wing
The 104th Fighter Wing at Barnes Air National Guard Base will recognize about 60 members at the 35th Annual Awards Ceremony on Saturday, December 6 at 2PM.

The annual awards recognize enlisted, company grade and civilian personnel. Recipients are personnel assigned to Barnes Air National Guard Base who have made outstanding contributions to the unit and the Air National Guard, and who have displayed exceptional leadership both on and off duty. The 104th Fighter Wing will also recognize members graduating from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF).

"2008 was an incredible year for the 104th Fighter Wing," said Col. Robert Brooks, Jr., Commander. "Significant challenges ranged from aircraft conversion and worldwide deployments to leadership and mission changes. At a time of intense challenges in our day-to-day functions, these outstanding members lead the way through leadership and job performance, significant self-improvement and base and community involvement. We attribute our continued organizational excellence to these front runners of the 104th Fighter Wing."

Individuals are recognized at flight, squadron, group and Fighter Wing levels. Awards include Airman of the Year, for grades E-4 and below; NCO of the Year, grades E-5 and E-6; Senior NCO of the Year, grades E-7 through E-9; AGR/Technician of the Year, full-time Air Guard Reserve and dual-status technicians; Company Grade Officer of the Year, grades O-1 through O-3; First Sergeant of the Year; Honor Guard Member of the Year and Civilian of the Year. Beyond the local level, awardees will also compete at state and national levels for National Guard and Air Force recognition.

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Note: Please find attached copy of program, which includes names of award recipients and graduates. Fighter Wing recipient names (overall winners) will be held until the time of the ceremony.