Contact Info

104th Fighter Wing
175 Falcon Drive
Barnes ANG Base
Westfield, MA 01085
Telephone: 413-568-9151
  • SAPR
    Have you been the victim of sexual assault?
    Immediate medical care is essential. Get to a safe place and CALL 911
    . Once medical care has been established, contact the 104th Fighter Wing SARC at 413-572-1800, call or click at 877-955-5247
  • Environmental
  • Federal Voting
    Please visit the following link for the most up-to-date information on the Federal Voting Assistance Program:
  • Employer Support
    Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve informs and educates service members and their civilian employers regarding their rights and responsibilities governed by USERRA. ESGR does not enforce USERRA, but serves as a neutral, free resource for employers and service members.
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