Veterans Part of 104th Family

  • Published
  • By Capt Matthew T. Mutti, Wing Executive Staff Officer
  • 104th Fighter Wing
The U.S. population is a little over 306 million, of which 24.5 million are veterans, and of the veteran population, 9.5 million are over the age of 65, dieing at a rate of 1.8 thousand each day. The later of those figures help us to realize that the veteran who are part of our lives, need to be recognized now. 

As we just celebrated the 89th Veteran's Day since President Wilson established Armistice Day in 1919, the members of the 104th Fighter Wing embrace that opportunity to recognize a veteran and the impact they have had on us through participating in numerous events. 

In early November, the wing hosted a special Veteran's Day lunch for members of the Holyoke Solders Home. This annual event gives local veterans an opportunity to enjoy a holiday meal with the members of the wing. 

Others participated in the "Bring a Vet to School" day hosted by Westfield High School and the History Channel. Nine Barnes veterans sat on a panel and told stories of their deployments and experiences in the military. The special will be aired in December on the Comcast channel and on the local public access stations.
A group of five members traveled to Heritage Hall in Agawam to have a Veteran's Day lunch with the members of the Assisted Living Program. 

While others marched in parades, spoke at events or participated in fly-overs to mark the significance of the national holiday. 

In total, more then 100 members supported events in 16 communities, honoring those who have done so much for us....thank you.