Westfield Joins ESGR Mission

  • Published
  • By Capt. Matthew T. Mutti, WESO
  • 104th Fighter Wing
8 December Mayor Michael Boulanger signed a Statement of Support, declaring the city would do everything in its power to support its employees who are also members of the National Guard or Reserves. 

The 'Statement of Support' is a symbolic gesture reassuring that the Mayor will continue support the member of the National Guard and Reserves that are employed by the city, buy ensuring their rights are upheld during a time of deployment or training. The city of Westfield employees several members of the National Guard and Reserves, 31 members of Barnes Air National Guard work for the City of Westfield as Firefighters, Police officer, Teachers and other professions. 

"We have always received the support we needed from the City of Westfield, this signing is a symbolic gesture that raises awareness within the city that the support of Guard and Reserve employers is crucial to us being able to accomplish our mission," said Col Brooks.