Serving his community and making a difference in other’s lives

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Camille Lienau
  • 104th Fighter Wing

Our medical facilities and clinics are only as good as the Airmen who work in them. Senior Airman Tenzin Dakar, 104th Medical Group aerospace medical technician is one of those Airmen with a hardworking drive, a willingness to learn, and a passion for helping others.

Aerospace medical technicians, commonly called 4Ns, work alongside doctors and nurses to assist them in a wide variety of situations. Providing a combination of nursing and emergency medical technician skills, 4Ns can care for wounded Soldiers and Airmen during an aeromedical evacuation or even with delivering a baby.

“As a medical technician, I get to do a wide array of tasks that you would typically see in a clinic-based settings, '' said Dakar. “Such tasks include taking vitals, giving immunization, drawing labs, scheduling appointments, and managing medical documents for our base members. Drill weekends consist of getting our own medical training accomplished as well as assuring our base member’s medical records are up to date.”

Dakar enlisted in 2019 as an aerospace medical technician in order to serve his country and use the education benefits that the Massachusetts ANG provides. His plan is to obtain his Bachelors of Science in nursing from Elms College using his Post-9/11 GI Bill.

“I chose to work in medical because it gives me a variety of career options that can be very easily transferable to the civilian side,” Dakar said. “Throughout both my medic training and time working as a medic, I have had countless opportunities to serve others. Those opportunities have not only helped me grow and progress as a medic but also leave a huge impact through supporting my community during the recent pandemic.”

Fourteen months of Dakar’s enlistment were spent working the Covid-19 response mission. Administering Covid-19 immunizations was one of the main tasks needed during the mission.

“During the course of the pandemic, I was given the chance to work with the Army National Guard assisting my community in fighting the deadly illness that has taken millions of lives,” said Dakar. “It is inspiring seeing the impact we make on people through the quality of care given. There is nothing more humbling and rewarding than being able to make a difference in one's life when they are at their most vulnerable.”

Staff Sgt. Daniella Rizarri, 104MDG aerospace medical technician works as Dakar’s supervisor, managing his tasks and helping keep him on track to accomplish his goals.

“What makes me most proud is Dakar’s willingness to help wherever he can and his interest in learning about the clinic and the military in general,” said Rizarri. “He constantly volunteers and takes initiative to help out other career fields within the medical group.”

Outside of the military, Dakar enjoys hiking and is working towards accomplishing the New Hampshire 48 challenge, a strenuous challenge that requires hikers to summit all 48 peaks in New Hampshire that are 4000 feet or higher.

Dakar’s commitment to tackling challenges both inside and outside of the military speaks to his character and contribute to making the 104MDG a high achieving unit.

“Senior Airman Dakar has a great work ethic,” said Rizarri. “From volunteering for the Covid mission right out of technical school to always asking questions to better his understanding. He takes any opportunity to learn, including when mistakes are made.”