ANG develops leaders at 2021 TIME Conference

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Lindsey Watson
  • 104th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The Massachusetts Air National Guard hosted Air National Guardsmen from Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Nebraska, Delaware, and Arizona the week of August 16 - 20 at the Technical Sergeants Involved and Mentoring Enlisted Airmen at the Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center, Southbridge, Massachusetts.

Sergeants at the TIME Conference spent the week focusing on leadership development, including discussing resiliency, emotional intelligence, physical fitness, leading generations, and more. The week culminated with A Leader Worth Following presented by keynote speaker Dr. Kevin Basik.

“Your get to define what happens when people cross the threshold of your circle of influence,” said Basik.

With the Massachusetts Air National Guard hosting the development opportunity there was a heavy presence from the 104th Fighter Wing, Barnes Air National Guard Base, Westfield Massachusetts, and the 102nd Intelligence Wing, Otis Air National Guard Base, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Sergeants from the sister units took the time to network with one another and to absorb the information being presented by the speakers.

“The TIME conference gave me the opportunity to realize what the attributes of great NCOs look like,” said Staff Sgt. Marie Georgefils, 104th Communications Flight. “From leading from a position of influence to enhancing our emotional intelligence. The speakers were varied, from ex-military pilot who battles his greatest challenge, brain cancer. To an ex-Army NCO who leads with compassion and strength-using spoken-word poetry to explain the significant impact of sexual assault on his partner. The conference was both engaging, and often emotional. We were left feeling empowered and inspired.”

Obbie West a spoken word poet, author, and advocate discussed emotional intelligence and leadership with the sergeants.

“In most cases we’re going to imitate what we see more than what we hear,” said West.

West emphasized the importance of exercising emotional intelligence while leading and making decisions that impact those on your team.

“Respect of person is normally a reciprocal relationship of being respected,” said West.

The sergeants engaged at the TIME conference benefited from hearing the perspectives and experiences of Airmen, non-commissioned officers, senior non-commissioned officers, officers, retirees, and civilians.

Speakers included Maj. Gen. Gary Keefe, Massachusetts National Guard Adjutant General, Devon Smith, Warrior Fit Program trainer, Brig. Gen. Virginia Gaglio, Commander of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, Master Sgt. Dylan Bowman presenting the 5 Foundational Voices, Chris Coyne, founder of modeof8, the 102nd Intelligence Wing and 104th Fighter Wing Rising 6 Councils presenting What Today’s Airman needs from their Supervisor, Senior Master Sgt. Frances Frederick presenting Leading in a modern dynamic environment, Hunter Barnhill discussing resiliency, Obbie West discussing emotional intelligence, first sergeants and chiefs from the state discussing leadership and answering questions from the sergeants, Col. David ‘Moon’ Halasi-Kun, 104FW Vice Commander, Chief Master Sgt. Brett Barbee, 104FW Command Chief, Col. Timothy Gordon, 102IW Vice Commander, Chief Master Sgt. Sean Sullivan, 102IW chief, and keynote speaker Dr. Kevin Basik.

“Your representation of yourself is the example to someone else of how they can be,” said West.