CSAF letter to Air Force spouses

  • Published
  • By Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr.

Dear Air Force Spouses,

Thank you for your courage and strength, and for being part of our Air Force family. Those in uniform are easily recognized for their service and sacrifices, but it’s you...the unsung heroes of our Air Force who sacrifice so much to support your family, the Air Force, and our nation. As spouses, you are all too familiar with one of our Air Force’s core values: Service Before Self. We know you provide our Airmen with the foundation to carry out the Air Force mission anytime, anywhere — thank you! Additionally, we owe a special debt to those of you who are currently serving, or who have previously served in uniform — you have a unique outlook that we value.

As the 22nd Chief of Staff and spouse, taking care of Airmen and families is our top priority — a true no-fail mission. Your drive, dedication and commitment makes a tremendously positive impact on the Air Force. Each of you makes a difference every day!

We are honored to serve with you and offer our heartfelt thanks for all that you do.

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. and Sharene Brown