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104th Fighter Wing

The 104th Fighter Wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard located in Westfield, Massachusetts, is an operational flying unit assigned to the Air Combat Command, and proudly claims the honor of being one of the oldest flying units within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Our heritage extends back to August of 1942 when the 333 Fighter Squadron was activated under the U.S. Army Air Force. On April 10, 1946 the first meeting of the 131st Fighter Squadron was held and six months later Barnes Airport, now known as Barnes Municipal Airport, was selected as the home of this unit.

Today, we fly F-15 Eagle from the modern runways at Barnes Air National Guard Base. The Wing employs over 700 traditional guardsmen and over 300 AGR/Military technicians. These 1,000 members account for an annual payroll in excess of $36 million.

Tasked to provide operationally ready combat units, combat support units and qualified personnel for active duty, the 104th Fighter Wing supports Air Force wartime contingency requirements and performs a variety of peacetime missions required by the Air Force and compatible mobilization readiness. Specifically, the Wing's goal is to organize, train and equip assigned personnel to provide an operationally ready squadron to the Air Combat Command that flies and fights successfully. 

The 131st Fighter Squadron is the operational combat arm of the 104th Fighter Wing. The Squadron provides combat ready fighter pilots to perform air sovereignty and alert missions for air defense of the northeastern sector of the United States. The 131st also provides to combatant commanders the aircraft, manpower, and tactics to win and sustain theater air superiority using conventional air-to-air weapons.