Spotlight on Airman First Class Jesse Edwards

  • Published
  • By Ross Larson, Westfield H.S. Intern
  • 104th Fighter Wing
As one of the many necessary departments and offices included in the 104th Fighter Wing, Munitions keeps the F-15s missiles, bombs, and other air combat equipment dialed and ready for any mission. Airman First Class Jesse Edwards, munitions apprentice, is one of the members that makes this possible. 

Airman Edwards of Greenfield, Mass. has been building and servicing missiles in the munitions department for two years. Disappointed in his civilian job, Airman Edwards was curious to what else the Guard could offer. After observing the different fields that were available, he decided munitions was his calling. He liked the group of people, and of course, the bonus as well. 

"I looked at a few jobs," said Edwards, "and this one really appealed to me. I wanted to do something that was different then my civilian job, all while having a chance to advance." 

Along with his wife, Airman Edwards is a Traditional Guardsman. He is a part of the Honor Guard and is very proud to be so. One of Airman Edwards's hobbies and side jobs is welding, in which he owns his self-operated Edwards Welding Service. Four-wheeling, hunting, and going to the range firing handguns are some of his other hobbies and interests. 

In five to ten years, Airman Edwards sees himself as a Tech. Sergeant and attending Airman Leadership School. He also plans to participate in the "Top Gun" for Ammo Troops, the Air Force Combat Ammunitions Center, working with live simulations. Upgrading his training from a variety of different shops is another goal of Airman Edwards, who would eventually like to become a part of inspection or line delivery. 

"In being a part of munitions, I am proud to help the pilots achieve their missions," said Edwards. Along with helping the pilots, Edwards strives to help out the community as well. He will be participating in the annual Ammo Can Drive, which collects monetary donations, canned goods, and other food. Last year over $4,500 was accumulated during the December drill. With the money, turkeys were purchased to give to low income families. 

Airman Edwards takes pride in his job, maintaining the necessary equipment that contributes to protecting our country and freedom. This is the inspiration and mindset that keeps him working hard and motivated.